Who We Are

With our innovative and fresh ideas, our expertise in strategic planning, and our dedication to our clients, we have proven time and again that our focus remains on the needs and demands of our entrepreneurs and clients.

Our diverse experience spanning the globe has provided peace-of-mind to our clients who rely heavily on our expertise to help their businesses exceed their potential.

At One-Step Ahead Promotions, we are focused on result-oriented goals, meticulous execution of projects, and customer satisfaction.

About Azeem

Azeem Haq, is the owner of One-Step Ahead Promotions and is a renowned business marketing consultant with a proven marketing and sales record. His experience, which includes over two decades in the fields of marketing (online and offline), trade-marketing, sales, customer service, and human resources management, shows the diversity and range of his expertise. He holds an MBA with a major in marketing, as well as his Human Resources Management Professional certification. He completed his Internet Web Applications and Development Diploma from Fanshawe College London, Ontario, Canada.

Azeem’s dynamic and innovative ideas for business planning, marketing and sales strategy have given small business start-ups a head-start, and medium & large organizations a growth path in today’s dynamic market. Azeem’s clientele is diversified and includes: grocery stores, information technology firms, online businesses, real estates agents, artists, musicians, retail outlets, wholesale distributors, financial agents, electrical solutions providers, service-oriented businesses and much more.

Azeem has worked with numerous businesses very closely. His expertise in launching businesses, developing robust business and marketing plans, website design and development, implementing sales strategies and designing sales promotions have helped to exceed many businesses’ profit expectations.

In addition to his commitment to his business consultancy, Azeem regularly contributes to meetings and various programs run by professional organizations.

Azeem has taken various courses in marketing, social media marketing, brand management, category management, personal selling, sales training and forecasting, negotiations, leadership, team play, personal development, human resources management, effective financial management and efficient customer service on an ongoing basis to keep up with the ever changing business world and customer base.


About Amber

Amber Riaz has been a Communications Consultant with One Step Ahead Promotions since 2007. She has a PhD in English Literature and has been a University and College teacher, teaching writing, communication and literary analysis in both Ontario and British Columbia since 2012. As a Communications Specialist at One Step Ahead, Amber’s primary responsibility is to compose copy for client websites, and to edit previously written copy to ensure that the website’s content stays true to the client’s brand image.

As a freelance writer, Amber offers editing, writing, research, translation and web-content services. She has worked as a developmental editor on book-length manuscripts, as well as a copy-editor and reviewer for academic journals. She provides written feedback to aspiring writers and editors to help them improve their own communication skills. Her hallmarks are her attention to detail, and her ability to help clients determine their company’s brand image.

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