WWW: A Marketing Design perspective.

The first question that comes to a human mind is, why one needs a website?

Another important aspect would be that is it a need or a want? And what one would want to achieve out of it?

All of the above questions are critical and vital to evaluate. So, let’s address one by one.

A website is an e.business-card. While you are busy in fulfilling other roles, this e.card will help you promote your business and other potential prospects will benefit by being empowered by this tool. It will help you tap the immense opportunities that you will benefit by describing your values, thoughts, feelings, emotions and much more. The language plays a very vital role in a website. The way you address your target market makes you win the game. Each page on a website has to be customized and the lingo has to be accordingly. It’s like you live in a mansion and each room has custom design and decoration.  More importantly the message you want to convey to your target market has to be delivered in a way that its perception value remains same. Sometimes a website can explain more about the business than your own 30-second elevated speech. Now, I think you get an answer to your most important question that why you need a website? Atleast one can find you anywhere and everywhere.

After reading this you will agree that having a website is not a want anymore. Whether you agree or not, after having more than 350 million website on the World Wide Web, having a website is the need of the day. What you want to achieve today from a website should depend on your business goals.

And before you go any further I would like to emphasize a fact that you should have a website before you launch your business. Make sure you design and develop your website keeping your target market in mind. Practice and run every aspect of your website. Launching a business without a website is dangerous and might hurt you even before you realize.

Having a website means having right branding for the right audience. The colors you choose will play an essential role in your success. By having a website your business has passed all geographic boundaries and is open for all.

In a nut shell, whether you are an entrepreneur, expanding a business, investor, retailer, a franchiser/ franchisee, band or a musician, a writer or even a service provider – you need a website.

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